Talent.com nabs $120M to bolster its AI-powered recruitment platform

Hiring during the pandemic has been largely focused on remote positions as companies avoid job fairs and other in-person recruitment initiatives. According to a LinkedIn survey, employers plan to adopt processes that combine virtual elements with face-time steps because it’s cheaper and faster than traditional methods for finding talent while also saving valuable resources like time spent traveling around town looking at prospects who may not be available when you need them most (such as outlying areas).

With so many companies investing in HR tech, it’s not surprising that seven out of 10 plans to boost spending on the trend this year. But is this really a wasted effort? More than 80% say their organizations struggle with adoption challenges linked mostly because executives and management don’t answer crucial questions about what they need from technology investments—including how much data will be collected or who has access at any given time.

HR tech vendors tout their solutions as the answer to all organizational challenges, but it’s important not just for HR teams and employees. If implemented with clear plans in mind- such as Talent.com who say they send out 80 million job candidates each month alongside 30+ millions hires – then these tools can be successful at improving both sides of the hiring process while helping companies find new team members.

AI for recruitment

The three men who founded Talent.com, formerly called Neuvoo are not your typical entrepreneurs and that’s what makes them so unique. Philion was a risk analyst for National Bank of Canada before he became an entrepreneur with experience in both finance and education; Martinez worked at EF Education First where he specialized making language training services available around the world through online platforms while Droux served as asset allocation analyst GLG Partners LLC., which meant analyzing investments based on his skill set including stocks or funds regarding their risks involved when investing money into these types of industry opportunities.

Job seekers can use Talent.com’s search page to track down opportunities, compare salaries by searching average wages for similar jobs and calculate take-home pay in hourly or monthly increments. For those who are interested Talent has also included tax calculators that break down the deductions they’ll receive based on their employment status.

Companies are using new technology to find talent in a cost-effective way. The company takes advantage of programmatic advertising, which enables them to filter candidates by location and desired skill set while also purchasing ads on websites that meet their requirements for potential employees with this innovative system.

Programmatic ads are a new way for advertisers and publishers to buy space on each other’s websites. These automated exchanges connect both parties with algorithms that analyze characteristics of readers, considering factors like location or demographics in order to set bidding prices when setting up campaigns through an online marketplace called “programmatic.” Once completed by these formulas (which take into account everything from what kind of site you have) it sends out offers making sure everyone gets paid accurately without any mistakes.