Tech Funding Recap June 9, 2021

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The tech industry is booming. Companies are growing to meet the demand of an ever-changing landscape by updating, releasing new products and expanding their businesses.

Reprise and Census are two companies who have recently completed funding campaigns to move their businesses forward. This article will recap their efforts and provide insight on what they have coming for the future.


When it comes to increasing conversions, the way a company advertises its products is so important. Reprise provides the tools for optimal product presentation with a software demo platform geared towards enterprise sales and marketing teams.

The software allows companies to create demos in video format, one of the most effective ways to increase sales. They take it a step further with capabilities that allow clients to modify presentations adding animated and interactive features. Additionally, their role specific access controls reduce the risk of unauthorized modifications.

Reprise also offers performance and analytics data. Clients who use the software can benefit by seeing what is engaging their customers most. They can go from there to focus on what’s working and eliminate what’s not. The platform also claims to load pages ten times faster than production apps.

The Boston based company offers a solution to many clients who were looking for a usable software demo. They recently announced the closing of a $17 million funding campaign. The funds follow a $3 million seed investment and will be used to expand the platform and hire new employees.


Businesses thrive on data. But how many of them effectively use the data they have collected?

Census develops tools that help companies apply the data they collect to help them grow their businesses. In doing so, it aims to transform the role of the data team to make it more central to the enterprise.

The company’s software allows their clients to collect data and store it in a data warehouse where it’s accessible and visible. It syncs the data to the applications the business uses allowing employees to put it to use.

Census’s system allows companies to employ SQL code that creates a single definition of the data that is stored. This gives teams the capability to build a series of internal products that can boost sales, marketing and product development.

The tool requires a bit of SQL and data skills to use. Once put in effect, it defines the difference between being data driven and data informed.

Census CEO Boris Jabes believes their tool will create a more centralized role for the data teams within companies. He foresees a time when organizations will be naming VP’s of data who will be at the core of developing company strategies.

The company’s unique solution has caused it to increase its client base throughout the years. It now boasts 50 customers with many angel investors included in its client list. Recognizable names like Cava, Drizly, Figma, Notion, and Loop are among those the company serves.

Census recently announced that it had raised $16 million in venture capital making for a total of $20 million so far. The money will be used to continue expansion in its engineering and production departments.