Tech Funding Recap for Jan. 4, 2021

VentureBeat is a technology website located in San Francisco, A. It publishes tech based news, analysis, interviews, and videos.

The company stays on top of the latest in tech and reports on businesses that have recently reached their funding goals to expand and increase development. Here are a few success stories they are sharing.


Tech company River just launched a new social media app and also announced a $10.4 million round it is using to expand its workforce and research and development department.

River was founded in 2018 by Jeremy Fisher along with a group of engineers and designers who were previously employed by tech giants like Google, Twitter, and Microsoft. The team realized how powerful Facebook had become in spurring political discussions. The new app, River, is introducing aims to continue the political discussions without all the drama, by preserving anonymity and encouraging the use of credible sources.

The app has real time recommendations based on trending stories and a search tool that reveals breaking news. It also has content understanding tools that help people gain more insight into what they are reading. It provides customized streams of digestible stories that can be liked or shared.

It is currently available for iOS with an Android version on the way.


Balto is known for providing technology that increases conversions, offers a superior customer experience and decreases ramp time for contact centers. They are developing a conversational AI platform for call centers and have recently announced the close of a $10 million round. The capital will help the company triple its size and increase product development efforts.

With more call center agents working from home due to COVID, the need for superior AI is greater than ever. The AI Balto developed listens to both sides of a conversation and provides visual prompts instructing agents on what to say next. It offers voice triggered prompts including responses, compliance statements, and product knowledge.


Accurics is a company that describes itself as a “self-healing” infrastructure for cloud environments. It has raised $20 million which will go towards helping its 35-person workforce increase its customer base.

Although the company’s data centers are set to process 94% of workloads in 2021, they continue to see security as their biggest issue. About 24% of organizations are missing high severity patches, while 49% of databases have no encryptions by default.

Accurics is introducing technology tools like Terrascan which uses algorithms to mitigate misconfigurations, and policy violations by scanning infrastructure as code. In doing so, the platform will identify changes that need to be made to cloud applications such as Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud Platforms to assess and reduce risk. Terrascan provides over 500 out of the box policies that allow customers to check against policy standards to ensure that their systems are as secure as possible.

The developments these companies are making will make for a safer, more convenient and happier brave new world. Thanks to Venture Beat for keeping us on top of the latest.