Tech Funding Recap for Aug. 18, 2021

Technology comes into play in almost everything we do. It helps us connect with others, it makes it easier to perform work-related activities, and it makes everyday life more convenient.

Companies in the tech field are constantly doing research to stay on the cutting edge and meet the demands of modern life. Digital Asset and Active Campaign are two businesses that recently completed funding rounds that will help them reach their output goals. Read on to find out what you can expect from them in the near future.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is a company dedicated to helping businesses facilitate email marketing, customer relations, and the managing of ad campaigns. It uses machine learning, AI and customized workflows to provide unique, customized experiences for their clients. The flows are contained within a visual automation map that determines which are connected and active and which require adjustment.

The company’s platform allows clients to send emails and messages based on where the customer is in the funnel, (i.e. whether they have engaged with the company, visited the site, or are ready to purchase). The platform tools let managers segment the audience and provide auto responses and scheduled emails in accordance with the customer’s status. It offers a drag and drop email designer that allows users to access features like revision histories, analytics, geotracking, social sharing and image hosting.

It also supports spit testing that enables managers to send emails with different subject lines and a variety of calls to action along with metrics on conversion rates and opens so they can determine which strategies are most effective.

Active Campaign has recently announced the closing of a $240 million fundraising campaign, bringing them to a $3 billion plus valuation.

Digital Asset

Digital Asset is a blockchain based app development platform that’s flagship product is distributed ledger technology for banks, financial, healthcare and insurance institutions. The company claims that the blockchain can transform disparate silos into synchronized networks that provide maximum efficiency, consistent data and minimal errors.

The company is responsible for the development of an open source contracting language known as DAML. The language is designed to run on various ledgers, and it is used for premade scripts that address use cases like reducing credit risks and repackaging mortgage-backed securities. The language can run on a variety of conventional database technologies.

It also offers a hosting platform, DABL, which can be used by developers to put their DAML scripts into production. DABL helps eliminate the deployment, scaling and management of distributed apps by functioning as a live environment for apps that promote communication between people and industries.

Digital Asset’s featured product is its distributed ledger system which is to be adopted by the Australian Securities Exchange in 2023. It uses DAML and the ISO 20022 protocol messaging standard to offer improved performance and security along with new functions.

The company recently announced the completion of a $120 million D funding series. The money will be used to expand its team and products and create a protocol that allows data to interact with various blockchains and databases.

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