Tech Funding Recap for April 5, 2021

Technology is booming. Companies that are on the cutting edge are destined to shine in bringing innovative products to the world. They are working on funding campaigns that will help them keep up with the demand so they can continue churning out the products that are becoming vital to our lives.

AMP Robotics and Ducky Channel are two companies that have successfully recently completed their funding rounds. Read on to find out how the funds will be applied and to learn about the new developments they have coming.

AMP Robotics

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s data the United States generated about 262 million tons of municipal waste in 2015. 91 tons of that waste was recycled and composted. However, the pandemic has caused many businesses to suspend recycling operations bringing down the amount of waste that is properly disposed of.

AMP Robotics presents a solution in the form of robotic systems that sorts recyclable material. The Denver-based company offers a platform that delivers pick up rates that are 80 items per minute higher than manual processes.

Its modular design allows facility managers to adapt it to existing workflows, and it can be tailored to individual brands and the SKU’s of the products being recycled. The AMP Robotic system can sort items like metals, batteries, capacitors, mixed plastics concrete, mixed wood, aluminum, thin film by color… and the list goes on.

The waste sorting robotics market is set to reach $12.6 billion dollars by 2024, yielding an annual growth rate of 16.52%. to keep up. AMP has recently closed a $55 million series B funding round. The funds will be used to scale business operations and develop AI applications that work with material recovery facilities to increase recycling rates.

Ducky Channel

Hypercasual games are simple games that are commonly played on mobile devices and they can be made almost anywhere in the world. Ducky Channel is a company based out of Russia that is responsible for games that have been played 145 million times and have generated $1 million in monthly revenue.

Hypercasual games are low commitment and, therefore, they can be played almost anywhere. You can play them during breaks at work, while waiting in line at the store, or even in the bathroom. They appeal to busy people with short attention spans and are a hit with both young and older generations. Their popularity has caused them to rank on top 100 lists and generate billions of dollars, with 95% of the revenue coming from ad sales.

Ducky’s games have been downloaded at least 25 million times and are accessed by users all over the world. Their games have been played in the United States, China, the United Kingdom, and Japan. The company tests their games and acquires feedback at rapid speed. The feedback is then passed on to developers. They take 50-50 splits of profit sharing and invest in hits as they are generated.

Ducky’s teams have developers all over the world. Their profitability has allowed them to raise $1 million in funding which will be used to continue their rapid developing and testing process.