Tech Funding Recap for Feb. 8, 2021

There’s no doubt that technology is ruling the world. It seems like every time we turn around, there’s a product coming out that makes our lives more efficient.

And behind each of these products is a great company with leaders that have innovative ideas that are changing the world.

The online publication Venture Beat salutes the companies that are hitting it out of the park. Here are three businesses worthy of a shout out.


The agriculture industry is growing in leaps and bounds but climate change is making it difficult to keep up.

According to a 2018 study in Agriculture and Food Security, 95% of smallholder farmers in Central America have experienced the impact of climate change in the form of rising temperature, unpredictable rainfall, and extreme weather events. Meanwhile, United Nations projects that an increase in population will cause a 69% rise in the agricultural industry between 2010 and 2050.

Arable has introduced a tool to help farmers keep up.

The Arable Mark is an irrigation management tool that connects via LTE-M, 2G and 3G and synthesizes climate, plant, and soil data to produce visualizations. The visualizations are delivered via web dashboard and smartphone app and provide information on precipitation, crop water deficit, soil moisture, and temperature patterns.

The company has recently raised $20 million, which will be used to accelerate growth and help farmers keep up with modern demands.


CodeSandbox is a company that focuses on simplifying code to make it more accessible. Commonly referred to as low code or no code, the company created a browser based service that bridges collaboration and low code elements.

While CodeSandbox is far from the only company working to simplify coding, their product stands out, because, unlike other companies that have created web-based tools for individual coders in the past, CodeSandbox’s product will be designed for teams.

The CodeSandbox product also allows product designers who don’t have coding skills to make and accept changes. This saves time spent making suggestions to coders, waiting for changes to be made and reviewing them before moving on.

CodeSandbox recently raised $12.7 million towards their endeavors, which will be used to move their project forward.


The pandemic has sent eCommerce through the roof. Onfleet is helping retailers meet the demands by providing a delivery management tool that will simplify processes.

Onfleet has created a dispatch platform that manages the delivery process from beginning to end. The web-based dashboard provides access to the auto-dispatch engine that assigns jobs to drivers based on their availability and proximity taking location, capacity and traffic conditions into account.

The tool also has an integrated chat platform that allows dispatchers and drivers to communicate directly through the dashboard eliminating the need to use other apps. It has real time alerts and ETAs, allowing companies to keep their customers updated.

Onfleet has recently raised $14 million in funding that will help them make their product available for the companies that so desperately need it.

These tech companies are paving the way for our brave new world. We can only wait to find out how the transformations they make will continue to improve our lives.