Tech Funding Recap for Feb. 2, 2021

Technology is growing in leaps and bounds, and there are several startups meeting the demands of our brave new world. These companies are providing services to make doing business, and life in general, more convenient.

Venture Beat is an online publication that salutes tech companies that are on the cutting edge and raising funds to break ground. Here are some they are including in their round up.


There is no doubt that the work from home revolution is taking over. As the pandemic and other factors create more of a need for telecommunication, there is an increased demand for process discovery and automation in our technological systems.

Ushur is meeting that demand by providing products that engage customers via email, apps, text and direct messaging. Features include a visual builder, tools for data extraction and integration with backend systems like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and various legacy systems.

Their software measures outcomes of engagement that can be valuable in auditing campaign results. They also provide translation services that can allow businesses to increase their global reach.

The company has recently raised $25 million, which will be used towards boosting their sales and marketing efforts.

Ayar Labs

Transistors are tiny on off switches that live inside silicon chips. Over time, technology has developed making these switches smaller and smaller, allowing the computer and electronics industry to flourish.

But one major impediment is the copper interconnections between transistors. The resistive capacitive delay (RC delay) within the interconnects prevent the transistors from becoming faster when they shrink due to the copper remaining unreliable at a smaller size.

Ayar Labs is involved in an effort to move data from chip to chip using light instead of electricity. The company predicts that this solution will overcome the scaling challenges involved with the semiconductors while interconnecting bandwidth obstacles between devices.

The company recently raised $35 million for the product development of it’s optical interconnect chip, which is very good news for the tech industry.


Provizio aims to make the road safer by introducing advanced Accident Prevention Technology for automobiles.

In the past, the company has developed technologies for AI operating as well as radar technology to provide drivers with information from beyond their line of site alerting them of potential problems.

They are integrating their developments with other safety technologies to provide vision and radar sensors that will increase reaction times from one second to ten. This kind of technology will provide accident prevention in the short term as opposed to current systems that are involved in extensive testing that can delay the process for several years.

Provizio recently announced it raised $6.2 million, which will be used to accelerate development of its Accident Prevention Technology making the world a safer place all around.

These three companies are doing their part in introducing groundbreaking tech that will make life more convenient. It will be exciting to see how their endeavors pay off in changing our future for the better.