Tech Funding Recap for May 10, 2021

Looking around us we can see just how much our lives have been changed by technology. The gadgets we use on a daily basis help make life more practical and more convenient. And there continues to be a demand for more products and services to further expedite processes.

Tech companies are meeting the call raising funds to provide products to meet these demands. Soci and Valtix are two on the cutting edge when it comes to being innovators in their field. Read on to find out more about their funding efforts.


An increased reliance on tech has made lives more convenient, but it also makes cybersecurity more of an issue. Valtix is a cloud native security platform that is answering the call by filling gaps in application and network security across multiple cloud environments. Their system combines user security, data leakage, endpoint security, app firewall, malware protection, and intrusion detection.

The company’s representatives feel that the cloud will be leading the way in terms of infrastructure for the foreseeable future. Therefore, they are focusing on the public cloud in the creation of their system and other company goals.

The Valtix platform went live last year and works with Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Clouds. It encompasses industries including finance, retail, government, and health care. The company believes its widely spanning system will provide a solution for customers who would otherwise need to rely on multiple vendors for a security system or who would be forced to employ a system that was not adequate in meeting their needs.

The company recently raised $12.5 million in venture capital with the help of key strategic partners. The money will be used to address and improve the architecture of their system and increase focus on cloud security.


The pandemic has caused many businesses to redouble their efforts in the e-commerce space. This is especially challenging for retailers with more of a brick and mortar focus. Soci introduces a platform that helps brick and mortar businesses launch localized marketing campaigns that will help them reach online audiences.

Soci’s platform is based on a concept of using social media local pages and online review pages to lure customers away from Amazon and other major online retailers. It provides clients with the capabilities to manage local searches and maintain accurate information that is specific to their location. Its ability to connect with local audiences on major networks like Google, Yelp, and Facebook has been instrumental in helping businesses survive the pandemic.

The system also offers analytics that help clients determine how their locations are doing in terms of engagement and social reach. It integrates with touchpoints that are typically responsible for bringing in customers including Facebook, Google and Yelp.

The San Diego company recently announced the closing of a D round series that has yielded $80 million in funding. The money will be used to further improve their platform providing retailers with the tools that are so vital in our current economic climate.